Lamb – Cute for Your Eyes, Not for Your Belly

3 05 2010

I’m an adventurous carnivore so when I saw some lamb sausages at Whole Foods the other day, I grabbed four for my family. At dinnertime, I threw them in the oven and went about my business. When it came time to start the rest of the food, I wandered into the kitchen and caught a whiff of something HORRIBLE. Horrible. I checked the trash – not there. Sniffed the sink – not the garbage disposal. I sat there wondering what this rotting stench could be when it slowly dawned on me that maybe it was the lamb. So I opened the oven a took a careful sniff. Oh. Yes. Nasty. And yet, I remembered how corned beef smells pretty awful for part of the cooking process and still, somehow, magically ends up tasting delicious. So I decided to give the lamb a chance. As it turns out? No. Lamb isn’t as cooperative as corned beef. We all agreed: it was dis.gus.ting. Moral of the story is: Cute does not necessarily equal delicious.




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3 05 2010

Just FYI although you will likely not be ready to believe me anytime soon after the nastiness of today:
The lamb sausage at Whole Foods is NASTY. Lamb sausage is generally nasty, but the WF kind is sick.
Roast leg of lamb is awesome. Lamb stew, curry, or other preparations is fabulous. Very gamey and meaty and good for carnivores.
Try again one day.

3 05 2010

Well, according to my highly scientific research on Facebook, half of the people who commented said that it depends on how it’s cooked, and the other half said that’s a big fat lie and it’s nasty no matter what. So you have 50% chance of being right. Heh.

3 05 2010

I really think it’s like cilantro–either you like it, or you think it tastes unspeakably disgusting. I happen to LOVE lamb. But I could see why you might not like it. And I adore that lamb sausage at WF.

9 05 2010

I love lamb. So let that be your caveat. But I don’t think that any meat can be wholly judged by its comparison to any sausage made with it, because a sausage never tastes like the original meat. Try a quality middle-eastern restaurant…or better yet, go with one of us where we can order lamb while you safely order beef, and you can nibble at our deliciousness without potentially paying for something you still may not like.

27 06 2010
Z E B R A B E L L Y . C O M

[…] so far as to say there is a place in MY TOWN which serves this. Or maybe they were talking about lamb. Either way, I should have asked which place so I can know to avoid […]

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