iFun with the iPhone

18 04 2010

I am not a fan of the camera that came with my iPhone. (Of course if I had waited three months, I may have liked the one that was released last June, but I didn’t so I don’t.) It’s crappy, hard to take self-portraits with, has zero video capability (yeah, I know, WTF?), and no other features. The camera on my old Samsung was totally better than the one that came with the King of Cellphones.

But! I’ve recently found some cool apps and accessories that are helping me find some fun in the iPhone. I’m not going to do full reviews here because A) I’m super lazy, and B) I’m not sure how many of my 30 readers would benefit from it anyway. Suffice it to say that I did a search for “Toy Camera” and bought 4 for less than $10. I’d been wanting a camera like this for awhile, but totally don’t need one now.

Shots from other apps:

And then! Yesterday I found these cool things. I got the kaleidescope and starburst (which is rather like the lensbaby), but I think I need them ALL.




5 responses

18 04 2010
bethany actually

That last one looks fun! 🙂

18 04 2010

I like the square apps. Those are pretty cool. Also, now I want to search for toy cameras.

18 04 2010

Oh talk to Norma…she’s got several cool camera apps.

18 04 2010

BTW you’re hot as a cyclops.

24 04 2010

Dude, you put E in the 70s. That’s magic!

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