Tweets o’ March

3 04 2010

ZebraBelly thinks maybe her kids’ dentist should change their e-mail name to something less creepy than “Pedo”.
7:15 AM Mar 2nd via web

WHY can’t 2 AAA batteries = 1 AA battery? UNFAIR.
4:37 PM Mar 2nd via web

This morning, when I heard Chelsea had been missing for 5 days, I felt a sick feeling and knew they would find her today. Now I feel sicker.
5:38 PM Mar 2nd via web

In our home today we are celebrating Indiana Jones’ fifth birthday. He is having a bouncy house and his daddy is there.
10:37 AM Mar 4th via web

ZebraBelly is going to give Parenthood a try. I mean the TV show. I’m already trying ACTUAL parenthood.
9:11 PM Mar 5th via web

RIP Third Avenue News. Is nothing sacred anymore?
11:30 AM Mar 6th via mobile web

Reason #137 to never leave San Diego: In-n-Out Burger.
12:40 PM Mar 7th via mobile web

Now that St. Pepper the octopus is finished, I think I’ll knit Natalie (named by Margie) the Loch Ness Monster.
9:03 PM Mar 7th via web

ZebraBelly had horrible dreams all night long about Amber Dubois and Chelsea King.
9:01 AM Mar 8th via web

Driving a smart car is no guarantee that you don’t drive stupid.
3:22 PM Mar 8th via mobile web

Elliott to Daddy: How many chance I haff to TELL you? You made me mad! You are being silly and I don’t WANT to be silly right now!
7:21 PM Mar 8th via web

ZebraBelly really hates stupid people.
8:11 AM Mar 11th via web

ZebraBelly is having a classic Thursday. Thank God for U2 and The Joshua Tree. It helps.
9:57 AM Mar 11th via mobile web

Margie to Alex: “Did you know it’s actually light SABER and not SAVER?”
6:43 PM Mar 11th via web

ZebraBelly is making something called “Impossible” Pina Colada Pie for Pi Day. Hopefully the name will prove to be inaccurate.
10:26 PM Mar 13th via web

This pie? It tastes sort of like pie. But also sort of like quiche.
11:57 PM Mar 13th via web

Which reminds me that I used to work with a guy named Quiche. Pinky swear.
11:58 PM Mar 13th via web

ZebraBelly is doing the kitchener. It has very little to do with a kitchen, actually.
11:49 PM Mar 13th via web

I know it’s an illusion, but waking up with the kids at “8:00” is totally refreshing.
8:30 AM Mar 14th via web

Despite the fact that it’s kind of far, Menifee is a lovely place to go knit with friends. ♥ And the friends are well worth the drive.
6:26 PM Mar 14th via web

Bewaring today, just like that soothsayer told me a month ago.
7:50 AM Mar 15th via web

ZebraBelly made a trip to Costco and Michaels and back home in under an hour! Pinky swear.
1:50 PM Mar 15th via web

ZebraBelly is tired – SO VERY TIRED – of the jerks of the world. Suck it, losers.
10:37 PM Mar 15th via web

Is probably going to stab herself in the face. Just to relieve the pressure.
10:13 AM Mar 16th via web

ZebraBelly is blowing eggs. It feels oddly like vomiting. But, hopefully, with a much prettier result that I can put on display.
12:43 PM Mar 16th via web

ZebraBelly thinks it is completely delicious to celebrate my Irish heritage with Jewish food.
6:01 PM Mar 17th via web

My son just got Very Mad at me. He stomped his feet and yelled and cursed me and…. licked the table. What? Yes. Yes, he did.
9:09 AM Mar 18th via web

ZebraBelly is boiling 36 eggs today.
3:55 PM Mar 18th via web

My son: wearing Diego chonis, princess high heels, and an Indiana Jones hat.
10:55 AM Mar 19th via web

ZebraBelly is off to milk camels!
11:28 AM Mar 19th via mobile web

How many times will TMBG’s Here Comes Science play on the way home from Ramona? I’ll do the research for you!
3:25 PM Mar 19th via mobile web

ZebraBelly is at KBPS and is SUPER excited about it!!
11:01 AM Mar 20th via mobile web

Margie is changing the lyrics to Killers songs to reflect her love of Star Wars.
1:04 PM Mar 20th via web

ZebraBelly is dying eggs!
2:29 PM Mar 20th via web

ZebraBelly is off to celebrate Ostara with wonderful friends! Happy Spring (a day late) to everyone!!!
8:36 AM Mar 21st via mobile web

Dinner: one orange egg, one purple. The Week of Eggs has begun. Best part of Ostara.
7:32 PM Mar 21st via web

Dear KUSI: Interviewing a bunch of Republicans doesn’t count as unbiased.
10:47 AM Mar 22nd via web

Yesterday my son informed my friend that he bought Indiana Jones-but just LEGO Indy. I was a little disappointed it wasn’t the real thing.
11:11 AM Mar 23rd via web

O.M.G. @TheBloggess just FOLLOWED me on Twitter. I think this means she’s totally OK with it if I stalk her.
12:21 PM Mar 23rd via web

Wow, now @KPBS is following me, too. I am pretty sure I’m famous somehow.
4:57 PM Mar 23rd via web

Yesterday I had a snowball fight with Jesus and I totally won. I mean on the Wii. This isn’t some deep metaphor or anything.
5:20 PM Mar 23rd via web

Margie is dressing up like Princess Leia in chains. I am the WORST MOTHER EVER.
9:05 AM Mar 24th via web

Oh she totally just kicked Jabba’s ass. I feel MUCH better.
9:20 AM Mar 24th via web

ZebraBelly just found SEVENTEEN pre-1982 pennies (for pressing) in her wallet. Wow!
11:38 AM Mar 24th via web

ZebraBelly is selling two children. Like new condition. Free ear muffs with purchase!
10:58 AM Mar 25th via web

11:46 AM Mar 25th via web

ZebraBelly is off to pick up her first CSA drop EVER! Yay!
4:40 PM Mar 26th via mobile web

ZebraBelly thinks Toyota is full of shit. Is quite sad about that.
12:45 PM Mar 27th via web

Dear Target: Anyone who lived through the 80’s kindly asks you to spare us from having to relive the awful fashions. Thx.
3:18 PM Mar 27th via mobile web

ZebraBelly cannot hear “Oh Susanna” without wishing she was on Pirates.
10:25 AM Mar 30th via mobile web

Is it wrong to attack a random little girl and steal her pink Star Wars shirt for MY daughter?
10:27 AM Mar 30th via mobile web

ZebraBelly is lost in Escondido. The irony is not lost on me.
1:33 PM Mar 30th via mobile web

I have WiiFit+ music in my head, but whenever I try to hum it, “Peter and the Wolf” comes out.
6:35 PM Mar 31st via web



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