My Son is Funny

3 04 2010

He’s really into Indiana Jones lately, despite the fact that he hasn’t seen the movies. He’s also into Star Wars, but not as much (despite the fact that he has seen the original three movies). Yesterday the kids were playing after our Camp Fire meeting, running around the tree claiming various Star Wars characters for themselves (technically, my daughter claimed at least three). My son chose the character of “Giant Boulder” – the one from the first scene of Raiders of the Lost Ark. Yes. My son does pretend to be a rock. At one point my little boulder was running after Darth Vadar with guns sticks in his hands, because who says Boulders can’t carry weapons?

Today my family and I spent some time in Old Town and at some point my son decided he had to poo. So we hiked all the way there, waited a bit for the chance to go and as soon as I got him in the stall he informs me, “I was just kidding. I don’t have to poop.” HAH. So I made him try anyway. Because that’s what he gets for all that effort. Shortly after, his eye open wide and he tells me, “Oh! I fink someone pooped!”
“Who pooped? Did you poop?”
“I fink I pooped!”

Speaking of “finking,” last week while playing with some friends, one of the boys came running over complaining that my son hit him. So I asked E what his story was.
“Did you hit him?”
“I fink…. maybe… I didn’t…”
“But maybe you did?”




One response

4 04 2010
bethany actually

Hahaaa. I love how E was all about saving face with that, “I fink someone pooped…not me, surely not me, just, y’know, someone.”

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