CSA Drop, Week One

29 03 2010

I’ve been wanting a CSA drop close to me for a long time now. Unfortunately, the South Bay is sorely under served in natural and organic living (probably because we are sorely uneducated for the most part). Recently Garden of Eden started a drop down here – and not only down here, but centrally down here, which is very close to me and lovely.

In our first box we got:
Vegetables: Spinach, elephant garlic (looks like leeks to me?), red scallions, arugula, snap peas, broccoli rabe, white radish
Fruits: Strawberries, grapefruit, avocado, tangerines and dates.

So far I’ve made fritattas with arugula and red scallions (and goat cheese), an aurgula pesto with almonds and olive oil, and avocado dip. Tonight I’ll make creamed spinach. I’m saving the grapefruit peels to candy later.

I’ll review the company formally later (or, you know, I won’t – sometimes I am unreliable like that) but I am certainly loving all this fresh, organic produce being placed in my lap with minimal effort on my part. It’s forcing me to be adventurous and, of course, to eat even more veggies than I was before.




3 responses

31 03 2010

Ooh that is awesome!!! I am so jealous. We have a bunch down here and they all have two to three year waiting lists. How long does yours run for? Ours start in June and go through October.

31 03 2010

I think it’s year round?

1 04 2010

You are lucky! Nothing grows here in the middle of winter, lol.

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