7 Days: Day 2 (Ostara)

21 03 2010

7 Days: Day 2 (Style?)

Today’s 7 Days theme is, technically, “style.” But I know that’s just because Sarah’s recently become obsessed with makeup and since I mostly fail at style, I’m lovingly ignoring her (I said “lovingly!”). (That series of punctuation is way beyond what I learned in Mrs. Terry’s 11th grade trip to Grammarland so I think I failed at that, too.)

What I was I saying?

Ostara. We gathered this morning for breakfast and an egg hunt at Claire’s house. We laid blankets out in the yard and feasted on crepes, baked eggs, scones, sausage, fruit salad, dandelion pesto, orange juice and chai. And more! but I can’t even remember it all because there was so much! But every single bite was delicious and romantic (not that I wanted to French kiss my food, but you know what I mean) and perfect. We had our circle and a wonderful story by Karen and then ran outside for an egg hunt. The kids helped each other find an equal number of eggs and then spent time trading for their favorite things – ribbon, stickers, beads and bells. They also played new and interesting sports like “tackle soccer” and “water hazard basketball”. I hadn’t slept well and was tired and sat in the sun and just soaked it all in. I left, as always, with a warmer and happier heart.

I’m in that photo somewhere, a hazy reflection, amidst my son’s Ostara loot.




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