7 Days: Day 1 (On Air)

20 03 2010

7 Days: Day 1 (On Air)

Except that I am not on air at all. Just pretending.

Today KBPS, the local public TV and radio station, had an open house celebrating 50 years on air. We were lead to the studio where we played with the green screen (which is what’s going on in this photo), tried our hands (voices?) at radio announcing, acted as news anchors, met some local media personalities (I was too shy to ask Noah to take a photo with us), and listened to a story with Buddy the Dinosaur (except that we didn’t because my son was terrified of him). It was SO much fun. I was totally giddy the whole time and I hope we get to go on an official tour someday soon!

So here we are playing with the green screen. Elliott’s shirt was JUST the right shade of green that it didn’t show up so he’s just a floating head. Margie’s there levitating in front of JFK (that’s totally normal, right?) and I’m there acting as either an angel or a devil on JFK’s shoulder. The rest of the people are just extras. 😉




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