Amigurumi & Knitting in Manatee

14 03 2010

I mean Menifee. But it should be called Manatee.

Recently, Summer and I have been meeting up with our high school friend Maggie every so often to sit together and knit (or, in Maggie’s case, crochet). Typically we meet halfway between Maggie and us, but lately she’s been dealing with a long-term illness so we’ve gone to her. (Oddly, she lives a hop, skip and a jump away from one of my very favorite childhood places, but that’s a different story.)

Despite the warm temperatures in Menifee, it has a shocking (for this SoCal girl) view of snowy mountains. I cannot take my eyes off them; I find them entrancing and, simply, incredible.

from the car

Together we sit and knit (or crochet) and giggle and eat. Today we celebrated Pi Day (Maggie is a math teacher) with pie and enjoyed the warm sun and a hint of impending Spring.

For my birthday, Summer got me, among other things, a really cool new knitting book full of patterns for little toys, called amigurumi. The projects are fun, quick and cute as hell. So far, I’ve made a sea star, an octopus, and nearly all of the Loch Ness Monster.

sea star, finished

st. pepper has escaped from his garden

unfinished nessie

I could easily become obsessed with these.




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14 03 2010
bethany actually

Menifee is just a hop, skip and a jump from where my mom grew up, where I visited my grandparents and aunts & uncles and cousins when I was growing up, and where some of my relatives still live! I know those mountains well.

Funny story related to those mountains: Brenda is also from a town in that general vicinity. Long ago when I was just a random reader of her blog, she posted some photos of her nieces at her parents’ house, and I did a double-take when I saw the photos because I knew those mountains. I emailed her and asked if her parents possibly lived anywhere near Town Where My Mom Grew Up. She emailed me back and said that her parents lived in Town Where We Used To Go For In-N-Out When We Were Visiting My Grandparents! And lo, an internet friendship was born. 🙂

14 03 2010

I love that story. 😀

The first time I went to Maggie’s house (b/c, of course, she grew up down here – they don’t bus THAT far lol) I was SO excited to discover that she lived so close to Wilderness Lakes – my grandparents took us camping there a couple time a year from the time I was about 7 until I was a teenager. In the beginning it was just turkeys and cows and we could see the clump of eucalyptus trees from the freeway, but they began to build it up as the years passed. I didn’t even realize it was IN Menifee until last June. I thought it was “just past Temecula” lol

15 03 2010

I am going to Menifee next month and, until quite recently, had never even heard of it. I think your sea creatures are super adorable!!!

16 03 2010

Please do become obsessed with the amigurumi, they look fantastic!

25 05 2011
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26 01 2014

I came for the Lochness, but stayed a bit longer for the Menifee reference. I grew up in Temecula! The pictures made happy to see home (or very near). I know that area well. Thanks!

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