My Children are Clearly Allergic to Thursdays

11 03 2010

Here is what happens when your friend makes some offhand comment about how kids sometimes puke randomly and it’s totally not a big deal if you take them out to play the next day after a non-illness vomit.

You kid randomly vomits in the car on the way home from said friend’s house.

THANKS, Claire.

Here’s what happens when your kid suddenly and with no warning at all vomits in the car while playing with your iPhone.

You scream, “GIMME THE PHONE NOW!” And realize what an asshole you sound like since you should probably, technically, be comforting this child.

Here is what happens when the vomiting child happens to be your mellow child, leaving the spirited one with nowhere to run.

The Spirited One starts screaming and crying so loudly you cannot help or talk to the boy. She begs for a bowl for herself, and, after she calms down claims, “No one cares about me tonight!” The boy just sits still and quietly until he gets home.

Here is what happens when you get home.

Your recently-puked child will eat not one, but two, dinners. Go figure.

The girl child did something similar about a month ago – on a Thursday. I’ve long known that Thursdays are stupid. And then I read The Hitchhiker’s Guide and one of the first bits that changed my life and made me know that Douglas Adams TRULY UNDERSTANDS ME was when he said that Thursdays are stupid (in his own words, he doesn’t plagiarize). And now? It’s clear that my kids are allergic.




5 responses

11 03 2010
bethany actually

Oh man, that TOTALLY makes sense! šŸ™‚

12 03 2010

the last time athena puked was just as she was lining up to go home at school. the teacher came to get me and i felt like such a horrible mom because i knew i should be comforting her, but i didn’t want to hug her because she had vomit in her hair and on her face and i also was worried that i’d be expected to clean it up and couldn’t figure out how i was going to do it. thursdays are stupid. rowan’s ear started hurting tonight:(

12 03 2010

Well, who wants to hug someone covered in puke?

In fact, Margie decided she wasn’t going to vomit after all, once she realized there was some already ON the bowl. Funny how that works.

12 03 2010

I did NOT cause this, really. Truly.
Well, maybe a little.

13 03 2010

When I was in second grade, this happened to my family. In a truck. On a Thursday!! (and my brother was the one who puked, but I was the one freaking out.)

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