Februarian Tweets

9 03 2010

One bad thing about having nice new tires is that I never notice when I’m speeding since my car doesn’t begin to shake violently at 60MPH.
4:06 PM Feb 1st via web

Happy Imbolc wishes to you! Winter is nearly over says the groundhog. I’m the groundhog.
9:53 PM Feb 1st via web

Oh damn, Lost. Oh damn.
11:21 PM Feb 2nd via web

They are filming America’s Most wanted in CV today. I am seriously thinking of going to watch. That’s homeschool, right?
9:42 AM Feb 3rd via web

Last week, I got a Lensbaby via UPS. Now every time we get a package delivered, Elliott shouts, “It’s a baby!!!”
3:17 PM Feb 3rd via web

Brownies for breakfast – it’s a dirty job, but someone’s got to do it.
8:43 AM Feb 4th via web

“She’s. So funk-u-lar” #betterthantheactuallyrics
9:16 AM Feb 6th via mobile web

ZebraBelly just got kicked out of a funeral. 5 min after mass they shut off the lights. Now I ask you- WWJD?
11:58 AM Feb 6th via mobile web

So how DO you solve a problem like Maria? I can’t handle the suspense.
9:13 AM Feb 9th via web

ZebraBelly wants to stab Kate in the face. Must be watching Lost!
9:39 PM Feb 9th via mobile web

One little girl in a pale pink coat heard…. some yodeling.
6:25 PM Feb 10th via mobile web

ZebraBelly thinks acupuncture needles are perfect for mouse swordfights.
6:37 PM Feb 10th via mobile web

ZebraBelly is in manatee- I mean Menifee- knitting in the sun and looking a the snow.
11:56 AM Feb 13th via mobile web

ZebraBelly ate at The Breakfast Club today. Did not see Molly Ringwald anywhere.
4:49 PM Feb 13th via mobile web

ZebraBelly just finished knitting the first arm of the sea star. *whew* Gonna be cute!
10:54 PM Feb 13th via web

ZebraBelly is at Applebees and a real, live pimp just walked in. Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!
2:13 PM Feb 14th via mobile web

Five arms finished! Wants to finish knitting the body of the sea star, but I have to go to bed now. *pouts*
11:12 PM Feb 14th via web

Sea star finished! E says, “Now knit some more stuff!”
9:42 AM Feb 16th via web

ZebraBelly just told the nurse M’s rash isn’t contagious so we can stay on the well child side. Hope I’m right!
3:05 PM Feb 17th via mobile web

How many tentacles can I knit during soccer class?
3:36 PM Feb 18th via mobile web

ZebraBelly has one kid singing “Do Re Mi” and the other singing “Lady Marmalade”. Oh help.
6:15 PM Feb 19th via web

“Secretly Desire Hairy Geeks” is a trending topic on Twitter. God, I love the internet.
8:21 PM Feb 19th via web

“Trending topic on Twitter” is very hard to say, even silently in my head.
8:21 PM Feb 19th via web

ZebraBelly just had a very deep spiritual moment with Madeleine L’Engle, Harry Belafonte, and the Goddess Athena.
9:54 PM Feb 19th via web

The other night I dreamed that John Linell threw a spider at me. But it’s ok, I still love him.
12:31 PM Feb 20th via mobile web

Had two pieces of Mexican candy yesterday and now my mouth hurts. How is it that I was tougher as a little girl?
11:45 AM Feb 21st via mobile web

Dear Neighbors, as much as I love the Little Mermaid soundtrack, I do not feel like hearing it this clearly through the wall. kthx
4:46 PM Feb 21st via web

Kids are spinning each other on the computer chair and E announces, “Whoever gets a stomach ache loses!” So true.
6:13 PM Feb 23rd via web

Why is it that both my kids fight me when I ask them to clean- UNTIL their sib volunteers. Suddenly, cleaning is something worth violence.
10:25 AM Feb 24th via web

ZebraBelly is going to a rehearsal dinner now. I think that means we practice eating food.
4:06 PM Feb 24th via web

Crap. Left my coffee on the counter. WE HAVE TO GO BACK, KATE! *cries jears*
4:18 PM Feb 24th via mobile web

ZebraBelly is pretty sure she’s allergic to Thursdays.
12:42 PM Feb 25th via web

ZebraBelly is OFF to a first-ever night sans-kids! Girls’ night!
6:39 PM Feb 26th via mobile web

ZebraBelly is no longer an eyebrow virgin.
10:45 PM Feb 26th via mobile web

ZebraBelly just had to argue with the restaurant over how much dairy is in half and half (100% IMO) before 7am.
7:10 AM Feb 27th via mobile web

ZebraBelly just spit coffee out her nose. It hurt.
9:57 AM Feb 27th via mobile web

ZebraBelly is off to a wedding! Hopefully not graced with rain, tornadoes or tsunamis!
11:34 AM Feb 27th via mobile web

The rain cleared up… but AFTER the weddng. The wind and rain added an amazing, if cold, beauty.
1:01 PM Feb 27th via mobile web

ZebraBelly is watching Star Wars with the kids on VHS because it’s better that way.
1:56 PM Feb 28th via mobile web

Chicken broth, leftover wedding cake, and Big Love are hopefully good ways to cure a head cold.
8:59 PM Feb 28th via web




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