The Wedding

28 02 2010

We were not blessed (?) with tornadoes, or thunder, or even tsunamis, but we were certainly blessed with buckets of cold good luck that soaked right through our clothes. My son, the ring bearer, passed off the rings and ran to cuddle on Daddy’s lap in a big, warm sweater for the rest of the ceremony; I did my best to keep the flower girls dry with an umbrella. As soon as we’d marched back up the hill, I ushered the kids into the Groom’s parents’ RV and refused to let them come out until the were dry and warm. Ten minutes after the ceremony? The rain stopped. Yaaaay. Thanks, weather.

Despite the discomfort of being cold and wet, I could not help but notice what beauty the weather added to the day. The colors of our dresses were particularly dramatic against the gray sky. I watched as the wind toyed with the flower girls’ petals and danced them gracefully around our feet. The waves crashed against the cliffs below us, as though applauding the love between my friend and her new husband. In short, and aside from the issue of the children in the rain, it really did feel blessed.

(These photos were taken by Melissa’s sister, Tara.)

(The rest of the photos are my own.)

beautiful bride

bride with an umbrella

♥ williams ♥

The reception was held in a little restaurant with an outdoor patio which was quite lovely (and warm!) aside from the few downpours which had us all running inside to the bar. The cake was cut, the garter and bouquet were thrown, and the wedding party gave toasts (including me! and I survived!). It was lovely and warm, and casual and friendly. Surrounded by family and friends, old and new, we wished my beautiful friend wonderful blessings in her new life with Chad.


cake & presents

toasting glasses

cutting the cake





4 responses

28 02 2010

I’ve been ogling the photos on flickr and facebook all afternoon. Such a beautiful wedding!

28 02 2010


28 02 2010
bethany actually

So who was the first person to sing the Alanis Morissette song, and did the bride deck him or her? 😉

The photos are all gorgeous and so are the subjects! I especially like the ones taken with the lensbaby.

28 02 2010

LOTS of people made the comment, but the bride is far too natured to deck them all. She wanted a memorable wedding. And that she got. lol

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