Dharma Iniative Brand Party

4 02 2010

Host: The Dharma Initiative
Location: The Orchid

When: Tuesday, February 2, 6:00PM to 11:00PM

“You do remember birthdays, don’t you, Richard?”

Time Travel (with bunnies!) down to Chula Vista to celebrate Bonnie’s birthday and the awesomeness of Lost all in one convenient party!

Dharma rations and hypo-allergenic brownies will be served. A viewing of the final season premiere of Lost will begin at 9pm.

Anyone not caught up on Lost may choose to take the sub off the island before 8pm when the re-caps begin.

dharma products

dharma beer

dharma chips

dharma chocolate

dharma fruit

dharma nuts

dharma tic tacs

Summer also brought some (perfect) gluten-free brownies. I threatened to marry her. But I don’t have a picture of hers because they are in my belly so I’ll just show you the ones I made from this recipe.

gluten free brownies

We made a CD of some of the songs featured on Lost.

dharma music

My daughter got in on the fun and created this label for me to wear.

margie made me a dharma product with my very own label

We bought magnets from this Etsy shop to share with our guests.


And then we watched the show.

watching lost

Oh damn. Oh damn. “What Happened?” Indeed.

Secret: We didn’t make the labels ourselves – they are available for free download here.




9 responses

4 02 2010

Looks like it was a lot of fun! Happy Birthday again B!

4 02 2010

Hah, hah. I had to look up Dharma Initiative. Which one of us is the dork? :p

5 02 2010
bethany actually

I am highly impressed at your dedication to the theme, putting all those labels on all those foodstuffs. Sorry I had to miss it, and belated happy birthday wishes to you!

5 02 2010

Happy Birthday Bonnie!!!

5 02 2010

I’ve always wanted to do this but never got quite motivated enough. Well done!

7 02 2010

Happy birthday! May you never get stranded on a desert island. At least, not one that’s as complicated as I hear that one is.

11 02 2010
Sara Wright

BEST birthday party ever! I love all the decorations, they make me want to re-label everything in my kitchen. So cool!

24 02 2010

Happy Birthday!

And holy cow I wish I was invited to your party.

3 05 2011
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[…] inside nerd jokes with anyone else who would listen ever and some who would not.  I even had a Dharma Initiative birthday party.  I’d like to rewatch the series from the beginning sometime now that I know where […]

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