A Bridal Shower

2 02 2010

top 'o the cake

two hula girls


trying to find objects in the slideshow of photos

working on one of the games

cutting the cake

gifts and the bride


raffle money & decorations

everyone + me

comparing whiteness




4 responses

2 02 2010
bethany actually

That looks totally fun! And so beautifully photographed. I’m gonna hire you to come photograph my next party, okay? Will you fly to D.C.?

Will you also explain the cake? I’m intrigued.

2 02 2010

Ah, the cake has a story. Actually, every aspect of this shower had a “story” but I am not dwelling on it all. LOL

Anyway, Mel and Chad are being married by the sea and have chosen a beach theme so her sister, who is a professional baker, promised a sandcastle cake. She is incredibly talented and I remember being in awe of her cakes years before she ever went to cooking school. HOWEVER, the night before the shower, she had all her equipment and supplies ruined (I think by animals? she lives in the mountains) and so this is what she threw together at the last minute. Fan-freaking-tastic, eh? Apparently the “sand” is crumbled pop tarts LOL

I will SO totally fly to DC. If you pay or I win the lottery. Heh. But, please, I pale in comparison to you. 😉

2 02 2010

How fun!!

2 02 2010

Ruined by animals. I would never have guessed that! p.s. I LOVE bow bouquets!

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