From the Mouth of My Son

24 01 2010

The Husband’s aunts are in town this week and we stopped by one night to visit. The kids hadn’t seen Mabel since the summer and it’s been over a year since Marti visited last, but my son has lost his shyness recently and needed no warming up period before hugging them and treating them like his own personal playground. When it was time to go home to bed, he protested loudly and told me, “No! I want to stay here and play with the girls! And with… whatever her name is.”


Last week, my son created a zoo in the living room. This week, it was a cooking network which he named “Boom Food,” going so far as to create a logo for it. His pretend play has been blowing me away. Or, um, booming me away, I guess.


Today we had lunch at a restaurant and the older child had to use the restroom – before I had a chance to get up and escort her there, her brother flagged down a waitress and said, “Excuse me, do you have a baffroom here?” Once the directions were relayed to him, he leaned across the table to his sister and told her, “Margie, the baffroom is downstairs.” Very helpful. Very cute.




2 responses

24 01 2010

awww that is soooo cute! I especially love how creative and energetic they are… I have no idea how they come up with some of the idea’s they do, but it is sure entertaining!

24 01 2010

too funny!! 🙂 He’s such a sweetie!

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