I am pretty sure my son is a genius.

13 01 2010

Today’s project has been to create a zoo. It’s not just any zoo, it’s Zoo 2. Why? ‘Cause he likes it that way. You can see he’s created a ticket booth, an entrance arch, and several exhibits complete with signs directing you there.

my son made this zoo this morning

this way to the cat(s)

this way to the chick(s)

Unfortunately, this afternoon, I stumbled across this scene:

massare at the zoo

Clearly, something horrible happened. I think it’s probably a mass gassing by The Hostiles. If you will look closely, you will notice the zoo has been closed. Surely due to the mass murder in the parking lot. Also the dog has gone missing. Perhaps he was stolen? Perhaps he was the perpetrator? We may never know. At least the people all seem to have died happy.

closeup of the massacre




5 responses

13 01 2010

OMG, I’m dying laughing! E sure is a genius!! Way to go on that zoo!!

13 01 2010

Wow, really impressive. Even if the story has a tragic ending, or so it seems.

14 01 2010

LMAO! He has your twisted mind, no question.

14 01 2010

That’s awesome. Also, it appears that all the animals survived the tragedy!

18 01 2010

See the cows? They’re all, “Look away, man. LOOK AWAY!”

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