Source, Defined

10 01 2010

If you think this blog has been full of some Heavy Shit lately, you should realize I am writing it all on Friday night and scheduling it ahead of time in case I don’t survive the effort. I am spacing it out for you over the weekend so your heads don’t implode. You can thank me with chocolate.

In the last few years I’ve lost God. I don’t mean, I’ve become lost on my spiritual path – I just never really knew what I felt God was. I’ve had to redefine him in a way that my heart feels right about, and that is not an easy task. Slowly, I have been gathering small opinions and thoughts here and there, as though wandering across a sunny hilltop, picking flowers. And then, last week, Joseph Campbell snapped it into place for me.

Years ago The Gilmore Girls recommended The Power of Myth, and, typically, we do what The Gilmore Girls tell us to do. So, after much procrastination, The Husband and I settled down to watch this series which, apparently, takes place at Skywalker Ranch for some reason. Which is kind of awesome.

Joseph Campbell and Clarissa Pinkola Estes, I think, speak very similar truths.

He spoke of consciousness. Of how the universe is full of consciousness we may not understand. He saw a leaf turning to face the sun, as a conscious behavior. He viewed the cells in a person’s stomach as having consciousness when they went to work digesting food. It was this word, “consciousness,” and the use of it that helped me formulate the way I see God today.

In SoulCollage, they use the word “Source” – it is bigger than “God” and more inclusive. Source can be God, or Source can be evolution, it is The Ultimate. I find Source to be a perfect word, but perhaps awkward for anyone not clued into this definition. Source is whatever highest power that speaks to your heart.

I have long believed in Chaos Theory, in The Butterfly Effect. Madeliene L’engle speaks of a “web” of interconnectedness, with purpose. Douglas Adams, through Dirk Gently, speaks of The Interconnectedness of All Things. (These people and theories have long been deeply spiritually inspirational to me, which might be kind of strange considering Adams described himself as a radical atheist.)

And so, after a journey that began long before I left the Church nearly four years ago, I have found God – Source – again. I define Source as the collective consciousness that is formed from the subconscious (and consciousness) of all the beings in the universe. Cooperation, essentially. Which sounds very clinical and empty when I’ve written it all out like that, but the thought of the *idea* makes my heart positively sing.

When I was young and Christian, that Interconnectedness was God, or at least orchestrated by him. I haven’t come very far, really. I believe we could manifest God if we wanted to. And I bet we do.




One response

10 01 2010

Great, great work to put it all out there.
(Chocolate next time I see you.)
Adams is atheist in the most radical way – seeing that All really Is is the largest scope of Spirit.

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