The Andromeda Strain

7 01 2010

I’ve read a fair amount of Crichton in my time, but never this one. Until it jumped out from the bookshelf (literally!) and landed on my foot. Luckily for me, it’s nowhere near the size of Jurassic Park or even Sphere so my foot was totally OK. In any case, lest one of the Stephen King hardcovers jump out at me next, I decided to submit to Fate and read the story. Here is my review:

Still dull.
Kind of interesting.
Officially interesting.
Exciting! Suspenseful!
And then it was over, suddenly, and extremely anticlimatically. I even looked to see if I’d missed like maybe 50 pages, but I totally didn’t.

And something odd about this Crichton book? None of the main characters died. Maybe he was a more bitter person by the time he wrote… anything else I’d ever read of his.

Anyway, in the spirit of research, I decided to watch the recent miniseries. Here is my review:

Who are these people?
WTF was that?
Wait, what?
That doesn’t even make sense!

I typically don’t mind changing some things when a book is turned into a movie – but some of the changes here literally entirely changed the story so that it was nearly unrecognizable and entirely unbelievable. Part of Crichton’s magic is that you can believe that his stories could actually happen. This miniseries is stupid. Completely.

I had originally brushed off the movie version of the book because, I assumed (har) that a miniseries would have more time to follow the story properly and do a better job. I was wrong. Still, I happened across this image, from the 1970 movie and I think I am going to have to give it a chance after all. Don’t you agree?




3 responses

7 01 2010

I think I read that book. A LONG time ago. I don’t even really remember it.

8 01 2010

Is that the pope?

8 01 2010

Yes. His hat fell over his eyes and now he’s trying to find his way to mass, not noticing he’s not wearing his robes. This is why they never put bling on pope hats anymore.

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