7 Days: Day 5 (Not Really Silver at All, Actually)

24 12 2009

7 Days: Day 5 (Not Really Silver at All, Actually)

I could not come up with a good theme photo today – I gave it a shot, but nothing came out. Besides, I like this photo and couldn’t possibly redo it tomorrow (or, like, ever) so I’m not cooperating. Sarah, you may flog me now.

Tonight was Alex’s company’s Christmas party at some very expensive and very delicious restaurant which was literally ON THE BAY. The view was amazing – we were in a corner surrounded by (uninsulated, so it was cold) floor-to-ceiling windows. The lights of downtown reflected on the water like a secret Bizarro world in the sea. At times the water rolled in waves, but mainly it was fairly still.

In this photo, I caught a dinner cruise ship heading towards and past us. We had fun waving to the people on the boat, and they waved back – also having fun, I presume.




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