7 Days: Day4 (Winter Sky)

23 12 2009

7 Days: Day 4 (Winter Sky)

(This photo was taken after midnight, but I liked it much better than the two I took before midnight so I hope it can qualify.)

I had a terrible day. It was the kind of day where your 4yo son throws 30 tantrums in a row, threatens to run away and you say, "OK" – because you’re calling his bluff, not because you’d actually, um, let it happen *ahem* – but your 7yo daughter thinks you are a shitty mom and so fastens the chain across the door so as to spare her brother from a life on the streets and then you just lock yourself in the bedroom because, HEY, chain’s locked, how much trouble could they get into?

All this is, of course, hypothetical.

But I had a date with a friend tonight who took me to see a movie with some vouchers she had and it was refreshing to get out, away from the tiny people drama.

The weather is bitterly, wintry cold out (48.7F) and oddly clear. We don’t get stars here in the city – largely due to light pollution, of course, but also to the cloud cover which usually keeps us well insulated so we don’t have to have real weather. The movie we’d seen had some spectacular scenes of a country night sky, and my daughter and I have been visiting the planetarium recently so the sky has been on my mind. Driving home, I caught a glimpse of Tijuana to the south and caught my breath – my mother taught me to love the starry city hillsides at night. And to the north I saw downtown San Diego. I marveled at the difference in the scenery – even from a distance at night, Mexico looks different.

As I got out of my car, the clear sky called my name and I stopped for a moment to admire Orion and his companions – although I’m not sure which is which in the photo (I am facing southish).

Funny how the clear, cold air – and a lovely night with a friend – can revitalize me. Although I am sure a good night’s sleep would help, and I’m off to catch whatever’s left of that.




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23 12 2009

I love your descriptions. That’s something I haven’t seen while I’ve been here… Tjuana lights. You’ve made me curious. Now I might just have to figure out how to do that before I leave tomorrow morning.

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