Yule (and 7 Days: Day 3)

21 12 2009

the yule candles are burning

Last night, as the sun set, the children and I lit our handmade Yule candles. We sang, listened to stories and read a poem. We bundled into bed early in anticipation of an early rise in the morning.

and the fire with all the strength it hath

Shortly after 5am, I rose, awakened by my own excitement, and began preparing for the morning: Scones, gingerbread, butter, hot chocolate, camera, candles & matches, altar. We wrapped ourselves in extra layers, hats and scarves, climbed into the van, and headed into the darkness.

I decided to forgo the Starbucks for some reason. As it turns out, this was a bad idea. I was so tired I could barely conversate, let alone take decent photos. Who needs drugs to commune with God? I do- that’s who.

here comes the sun

The news has been predicting a cloudy Solstice morning for nearly a week now and, dammit, it came true. We did not get to see the newborn Sun peek over the hills on his way into the Winter sky. The blessing that comes with this, however, was a truly awesome pinkish orange sky as dawn crept nearer. The Solstices speak so deeply to my soul that I feel I could not be whole if I were not to witness them, yet this amazing sky made it all worthwhile. And the company helped, too, I am certain. I will never cease to feel blessed at the friends I can share these moments with.

7 Days: Day 3 (Yule)

And, so, to honor the birth of the Sun this morning, I want to share some of my favorite photos of him, taken this past year. A story from Birth to Death to Birth again.

solstice at balboa park

sun in a palm


Blessings to you, on this Yule morning.




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