One Funny Boy

28 11 2009

My son has issues with growing up. For a long time he wanted to stay a baby. In fact there was a period of time when he called himself “Baby” instead of his name. He has recently outgrown that, but now insists he wants to be a kid forever. He tells me, “Being a kid is awesome for me.” It’s progress, anyway.

Recently, I asked him what he wanted to be when he grows up. At first he gave the usual reply- “I don’t want to grow up!” But when I pressed the issue by asking a second time, without missing a beat at all, he announced, “A builder!”

He’s also come up with a fantastic plan for solving problems. He simply erases them. When I tell him it’s bedtime, he wipes his hand through the air at me and informs me, “I erase bedtime!”

Some things, however, deserve a stronger reaction and he’s got a system for this, as well. He applies a large, invisible “X” to the problem (the problem’s name usually begins with an “M”) and shouts, “I put a X on you!”

And then there are the situations he approves of. These get a check mark. Usually they follow directly whatever had been X’ed, such as: “I put a X on bedtime and a check mark on TV!”

As for you, dear readers? I put a check mark on you.