18 11 2009


I love this band. I have loved this band since I was 15 and saw them on Tiny Toons (and before that, too, although I did not know it at the time). I saw them in concert once 11 years ago and missed them another time because I wasn’t 21 yet. I haven’t been to a concert at all since June of 2001 (it was Me First and the Gimme Gimmes, BTW) and since I missed The Killers recently, I decided that, dammit, I was going to see TMBG this time around.

that's john and next to him is john

So we left our kids to be put to bed by their grandma (first time EVER with a nighttime sitter) and we headed out. As it turned out, a friend of mine was also going so we sat together, along with another couple. I felt so strangely grownup to be out, at night, seeing a show. Funny how acting like I did 15 years ago makes me feel grownup.

confetti bombs are the best bombs

The show was awesome. I had intended to get up after the opening band and enjoy the show from the floor, but it turned out differently and even though we were at the side of the stage, we had a great view. Plus, Flansburgh gave us lots of attention over there which was very nice.

Before I left, my son was perusing the back of the Here Come the ABC’s DVD and wondering, “Do you think they will play E Eats Everything or LMNO?” I told him I thought they would focus on grownup songs (which is kind of a silly thing to think when it comes to TMBG – after all I first learned of them on a kids’ cartoon, years before they ever did a kids’ album) and, true to form, I was wrong. They played Clap Your Hands and Alphabet of Nations.

But the best part was when they broke out the puppets.

All in all, they played for nearly two hours, complete with two encores. I don’t even remember if that is usual for a concert, it’s been so long.

I took all these photos despite the warning not to. I tried – TRIED – not to. But it’s become uncontrollable for me now, and by the end of the show, I was snapping them off shamelessly. It’s a horrible addiction, photography. But I am not ready for an intervention yet.


Ana Ng, Subliminal, James K Polk, Don’t Let’s Start, Cowtown, Birdhouse… It was fabulous. I can’t wait to see them again. Cause I’m a grownup again and can go to concerts.




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19 11 2009

That was just great!!! đŸ™‚ I love that they played two songs from their kid albums!

18 11 2011
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