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27 10 2009

Despite the fact that there is a pottery-painting place in my own town, I have always gone to the one closer to Bethany because I found the prices to be more reasonable. However, I recently came across a Groupon (which is, despite what you might think, actually totally safe for work) which got me $50 worth of stuff for only $20. Nice. So The Husband and I took some time out and headed over there together.

Not too long ago, I had wandered in there, hoping their high prices had just been in my imagination (they had not) and I saw this very cool leaf-man who would make the perfect Mabon decoration. Luckily for me, he was still there – clearly waiting for me. I think he turned out not too bad, eh? Here he is before and after firing.

green man, unfinished

green man, autumn edition

I’ve also been working – slowly – on a cool shirt for The Daughter. It’s my very first foray into knitting an actual garment, but it’s so far very simple and is TOTALLY SO CUTE. But I haven’t got very far, as you can see below. In reality, I am ready to begin the armholes, but haven’t got a newer picture. You see the final version here at Shellee’s Etsy shop.

knitting-in-progress, shirt

And I thought that was all I had, but my Flickr Photostream tells me otherwise. I’ve had this post in my head for so long I totally forgot I had finished this hat again. I even wore it today and still forgot. It was the very first hat I ever made, back in 2006, and it was a little too short. I had always intended to rip it out, but some friends pointed out that I could just pick up some stitches and lengthen it instead. So that’s what I did. You can see before and after here:


hat, finished again




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27 10 2009
bethany actually

Leaf man turned out very cool! I might have to come check out your pottery place if they still have the good paint. Unfortunately, the one in my town switched paint brands and the new paint is very frustrating. Even the people who work at the shop are annoyed by it. It’s very sad, because otherwise I LOVE my pottery shop. As long as I stick to dottery, though, the paint is fine.

We still have not painted together! How is that possible!? We really need to remedy that one of these days.

27 10 2009

To be honest, I wasn’t thrilled with the place. The paint bugged me there – can’t remember why now – but I remembered that you said the other place had new stupid paint, too. But what really got me was the condition of the brushes – they were all crappy! I don’t remember having that issue at all at your place. There were only maybe 3 teeny brushes and they were just worn down – some had literally no bristles left. Lame.

27 10 2009

Oh, but, yes, I totally want to go paint some more! In a week or so, after the holiday, I could probably find some time!

28 10 2009

I love Mabon Man, he turned out beautifully!

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