Recently Crafty

27 10 2009

Despite the fact that there is a pottery-painting place in my own town, I have always gone to the one closer to Bethany because I found the prices to be more reasonable. However, I recently came across a Groupon (which is, despite what you might think, actually totally safe for work) which got me $50 worth of stuff for only $20. Nice. So The Husband and I took some time out and headed over there together.

Not too long ago, I had wandered in there, hoping their high prices had just been in my imagination (they had not) and I saw this very cool leaf-man who would make the perfect Mabon decoration. Luckily for me, he was still there – clearly waiting for me. I think he turned out not too bad, eh? Here he is before and after firing.

green man, unfinished

green man, autumn edition

I’ve also been working – slowly – on a cool shirt for The Daughter. It’s my very first foray into knitting an actual garment, but it’s so far very simple and is TOTALLY SO CUTE. But I haven’t got very far, as you can see below. In reality, I am ready to begin the armholes, but haven’t got a newer picture. You see the final version here at Shellee’s Etsy shop.

knitting-in-progress, shirt

And I thought that was all I had, but my Flickr Photostream tells me otherwise. I’ve had this post in my head for so long I totally forgot I had finished this hat again. I even wore it today and still forgot. It was the very first hat I ever made, back in 2006, and it was a little too short. I had always intended to rip it out, but some friends pointed out that I could just pick up some stitches and lengthen it instead. So that’s what I did. You can see before and after here:


hat, finished again