7 Days: Day 2 (Writing)

5 10 2009

It was time for our (sort of) monthly Photo Party and since three of us do 7 Days now (we can’t convince Graham… yet) we made it a mash-up weekend. Bethany and Annalie came along, too, which was extra cool. We first attempted a group shot, but it had very little to do with today’s theme, “Writing.” We were outside of Lou’s Records where they have these cool theater-style chairs covered in graffiti. Unfortunately, the graffiti was all covered up by our lovely selves.

7 Dayers

So we wandered further down the strip where Annalie assigned us each a color to focus on – I got blue.


At some point, I heard Bethany point out Annalie’s assigned color to her, in the form of a neon sign. I noticed the sign said “7 Days” and then Katie pointed out that it was written out for us. And so, we had our 7 Days shot sent to us from the Divine. Possibly the Goddess of Coffee for some reason.

7 Days: Day 2 (writing)

(You will need to see it large or original size to spot Bethany and myself, you can do so by clicking on the photo and then “all sizes”.)

Here you can see me sneaking some of Katie’s sunlight to make my face actually show up.

my face

And then Graham bought us lunch at my new favorite restaurant. I had an “Artitaco” which was stuffed so full of artichoke, avocado, onion, and tomatoes that it was really more of a soft tostada. I took a photo so I could forever remember the lunch.





2 responses

5 10 2009
bethany actually

You forgot to mention that you wanted to marry the salad.

5 10 2009

Hey, I know where that 7 days is!

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