I Saw God

2 10 2009

I may have mentioned before the fact that sunbeams can send me into a religious ecstasy. Watching them pierce the clouds and then float gracefully to Earth is the closest to God (the one I grew up with) that I have ever felt. Tonight we took a shortcut home through my heart’s quiet land – a winding dirt road in danger of development – and watched God caress the Earth with His gentle fingertips the whole way. I also saw a strange light within a cloud which a friend later informed me was the Dark Mark, but I don’t think that was part of God’s message.

But this post isn’t about all that. This post is about the yin yang I found in my Via tonight. See?

yin yang in my via

I noticed it as I was about to take a sip and froze for a minute as it settled into my brain. Carefully as I could, I set it down, but it drifted a bit with the movement so it’s not as perfect as it was next to my lips. Even so, I think you can make it out. Clearly, this is a message from God. Some hippie god who’s totally OK with Starbucks. No. I know: it’s the Goddess of Coffee! And, clearly, she wants to tell me to drink more coffee. Who am I to say no to a god?




2 responses

2 10 2009
bethany actually

That’s it. I’m going to try my Via RIGHT NOW. I’ll report back if I have any spiritual experiences.

5 10 2009
7 Days: Day 2 (Writing) « Z E B R A B E L L Y . C O M

[…] it was written out for us. And so, we had our 7 Days shot sent to us from the Divine. Possibly the Goddess of Coffee for some […]

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