How Stupid I Am

20 09 2009

It’s not exactly current events anymore, but a few weeks ago a little league team from my town won the World Series!  It was very exciting and all of San Diego is very proud (to which I say, “Step off, SD, this belongs to CV!”).  I am not sure if anyone elsewhere even knew this because, frankly, I wasn’t even aware there was a Little League World Series until this happened.

But this entry isn’t about how proud we are of these kids – it’s about how stupid I am. I had never heard of Parkview and so I assumed it must be in one of the new developments out in Eastlake, until I heard that they practice at Greg Rogers Park which is old school CV (albeit more southerly than I am usually familiar with) so one day while we happened to be in the area, I drove by Greg Rogers Park, and also by the school which hosts the Unitarian church we have attended for a year now. And I notice this sign placed strategically in front.


As it turns out, I do know where Parkview is. Go figure.




2 responses

20 09 2009

ROFL! I needed a good laugh. You are so silly. That is just something I would do, too. Not stupid! Just busy. 😉

20 09 2009
bethany actually

Hahaha, that’s awesome. That sounds like something I would miss. 🙂

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