So Call Me a Socialist

13 09 2009

I am a passionate person. But I get especially passionate about this subject. Having lived without insurance for six years – having suffered for three of those with health problems that would have been easily solved could I have afforded treatment – I tend to take it personally when people aren’t for Universal Healthcare. I remember a story of a little boy who died b/c he could not get a cavity fixed in time. It’s completely fucking stupid to allow shit like this to happen. Universal Healthcare will NOT take away your freedoms, rather it will free millions from living in sickness or pain or fear of death.




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13 09 2009

wow, that was awesome. I loved the graphics the best, too! Anyway, as a family that relies on medicaid for one member of our family, I have to say that the video had some great points. Jayce is the only person we don’t have to worry about financially when he gets sick or needs more therapy. And they pay for so many preventative health things that our private insurance will not cover.

27 09 2009

I HAVE insurance, but it doesn’t cover the high-risk part of a high-risk pregnancy. Thus, I am now working part time to try pay my medical bills (thankfully, I like my job) and I know the woman in the hospital billing office by name (Hi Hazel!) . At this rate, I could have gone to Europe and back with all the trimmings. Twice. And I haven’t even delivered yet.

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