This Week in YouTube

6 09 2009

This one is entirely kid-safe. Except for the fact that it’s Fox News.

This one is not kid safe in any way. Except that it’s about Full House. No, wait. That makes it not kid-safe after all.

If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, you might know that this week has been deeply entrenched in Mary Poppins. My son decided it was time to watch this and never stop unless you tie him screaming to the bed to force sleep every few hours. At their checkups on Friday it was the movie playing in the waiting room. SNL did a spoof of it which was re-run last night. At this point, I think it is fairly safe to say it’s a conspiracy against me. Therefore, normally I would not show this re-cut trailer to my kids, but I am thinking of it b/c, despite the fact that Mary Poppins is one of the greatest movies ever, I do have a limit to how many times I can tolerate hearing “Spoonful of Sugar” in one week. Perhaps if I show this to my kids, they won’t want to watch anymore?




4 responses

6 09 2009

A bear cut-out?! That is hilarious. And sad.

6 09 2009

Do you really think the bear cut out is from a real broadcast? Please say no. Or yes. I can’t decide what would be better.

6 09 2009

Hrm, now that you mention it, I do wonder. But we watch KUSI which has about that level of graphics quality so I didn’t think to question it. LOL

9 09 2009

The bear, LOL. It goes UP trees!

And Bob Saget – I can’t watch him cuss like a sailor. He’s Danny Tanner! Gah!

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