This is not disturbing in any way.

29 08 2009

this is not disturbing at all

Found the boys (the big one and small one) playing with cars and 12-inch action figure heads* today. I think we should start saving for therapy now.

*I am not allowed to call these small cars “Hotwheels” as is my instinct – after all, they may be Matchbox or Johnny Lightening or something else I try not to pay attention to. I assume the same applies to these heads. They might be Dragon and not GI Joe at all so I will refrain from using a brand name lest the Geek the Husband complain.




2 responses

30 08 2009

What happens if you call them dolls?

30 08 2009

He rolls his eyes at my foolishness. And then I stick my tongue out when he turns away.

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