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28 08 2009

ZebraBelly’s knitpicks order arrived! I’m up for a night of knitting and the Lost Panel @ Comic Con!
9:06 PM Jul 25th from web

ZebraBelly loves her new needles. They are so speedy! And the yarn. Cannot stop looking at the yarn. Might actually marry the yarn.
11:10 PM Jul 28th from web

ZebraBelly Is having a picnic under a fig tree next to the carousel. ❤
12:51 PM Jul 29th from mobile web

ZebraBelly is sewing patches onto a Camp Fire vest. 3 down, only 10 to go. Frack.
9:37 PM Jul 29th from web

Margie just snatched a book of Poe from my hands and ran off to read The Raven. I hope that's OK.
12:47 PM Jul 30th from web

Batman is joining my son's soccer class today.
3:43 PM Jul 30th from mobile web

ZebraBelly is having my head crushed by Elliott. And vice versa. Yay for 4yo's who dig Kids in the Hall!
7:14 PM Jul 30th from web

Happy birthday, Harry Potter!!
8:44 AM Jul 31st from web

Today: no ice for my breakfast shake, no milk for cereal, no cream for coffee. I have been defeated.
9:00 AM Jul 31st from web

ZebraBelly is going to marry this couscous salad. Don't worry, it's legal in Hawaii.
4:40 PM Jul 31st from web

ZebraBelly is going to make some frakking magic shell. Yes, yes, I am.
6:16 PM Jul 31st from web

OMFB it TASTES LIKE Magic Shell!
6:36 PM Jul 31st from web

And OMG it WORKS like Magic Shell! My life is FOREVER transformed.
8:31 PM Jul 31st from web

I dreamed I saw Madonna and her 5 identical daughters dressed all 80's on the teeny carousel outside of WalMart. It was SO.DAMN.CUTE.
8:07 AM Aug 1st from web

After that I saw @NathanFillion but in my dream he was played by Jason Bateman.
8:08 AM Aug 1st from web

ZebraBelly is not in the mood for stupid people.
12:29 PM Aug 1st from mobile web

ZebraBelly just saw a pink car. Now I have to make a wish and keep my fingers crossed until I see a dog.
1:37 PM Aug 1st from mobile web

Upon being told Elliott must taste broccoli: “That’s not the rule. That’s a bull SHIT.”
5:59 PM Aug 3rd from web

ZebraBelly just finished a morning step class with Severus Snape.
7:36 AM Aug 4th from web

Dear Weather, please stop it with the hot now. Thank you. Sincerely, Me.
2:55 PM Aug 4th from web

Another cute thing my son said this week: “The crickets are making music for us.”
4:10 PM Aug 4th from web

And he misread “Love your Mother Earth” as “Love your Monster Earth” which IMO is actually better in a lot of ways.
4:11 PM Aug 4th from web

ZebraBelly is being decorated head to toe in crochet chains
9:26 AM Aug 5th from web

I have the world’s largest zit on my cheek. In the very same spot that Tutankhamun had a scar and Lord Carnarvon had a mosquito bite. Fate?
12:07 PM Aug 5th from web

ZebraBelly has ENERGY today. It feels so good.
2:54 PM Aug 5th from web

ZebraBelly is knitting fancy stuff and ROCKING at it.
10:30 AM Aug 6th from web

If you happened to be in the Eastlake Borders today- I know nothing about any screaming 4 year olds.
1:47 PM Aug 8th from mobile web

ZebraBelly impressed the lady at Starbucks by singing along with Anything Goes. Thank you, Main Attraction.
4:49 PM Aug 8th from web

ZebraBelly turned the heel. And so far so good. Unless I’m wrong and it’s actually going quite badly.
1:15 PM Aug 9th from web

Tonight at the park, Elliott: “Margie I don’t LIKE that!” “But you look so CUTE when you are sad!”
9:34 PM Aug 9th from web

Elliott swears up and down that left is right and right is wrong.
5:41 PM Aug 10th from web

I really wish I could transcribe Margies tantrum for you. It’s too good to miss. But every time I get out the video camera, she stops. Huh.
6:17 PM Aug 10th from web

E just walked in the room and announced, “What a great stink!” Funny… I don’t smell anything…
8:05 PM Aug 11th from web

I think that when a laptop cord starts sparking it’s time to stop using it.
8:45 AM Aug 12th from mobile web

Why is it that I can get a new power cord which retails for $70 for only $10 on ebay? Do I want the answer?
10:51 AM Aug 12th from mobile web

Damn, Uterus! I thought u were on my side. Ow.
12:53 PM Aug 12th from mobile web

Elliott: “Margie stop singing, I’m trying to get some sleep.”
1:29 PM Aug 14th from mobile web

Margie, when E ignored her: “He’s like, ‘whoa, that blends my mind!'”
1:30 PM Aug 14th from mobile web

ZebraBelly just watched Whale Rider w/ M. E declared, “It’s not scary-it’s cute!”
7:22 PM Aug 14th from mobile web

last night- I kid u not- Elliott asked Alex on the phone to come home and pull up his underwear. Lazy kid.
12:15 PM Aug 15th from mobile web

Spent some time today with the kids observing and then researching a gray hairstreak butterfly. They named him “Kitty”
10:16 PM Aug 16th from web

I love my kids. I love my kids. I love my kids. I love my kids. I swear. I love my kids.
3:24 PM Aug 17th from web

Dear Jelly Belly: no fair putting Everyflavor Beans in your Belly Flops.
10:27 PM Aug 17th from web

ZebraBelly just became Flickr-friends with The White House. Expects dinner invitation any day now.
3:48 PM Aug 18th from web

Listening to Radio Head’s Creep on Pandora has a lot more cuss words than it does on the radio.
3:03 PM Aug 19th from web

Dare me to wear pajamas to acupuncture tonight?
4:42 PM Aug 19th from web

ZebraBelly is being rickrolled in the grocery store.
10:40 AM Aug 20th from mobile web

OMG @TheBlogess left me a comment on my blog! I’m going to save it and sell it on Antiques Roadshow in 50 years.
4:49 PM Aug 21st from web

I know I’m a grown-up, but I can’t put this Richard Peck novel down!
10:17 PM Aug 21st from web

Elliott is getting down to Sade here in The Bagel Bar. He’s feeling the music, man.
10:56 AM Aug 22nd from mobile web

My sinuses tell me it’s a Santa Ana. The Thunderheads tell me otherwise. Who to believe?
11:41 PM Aug 22nd from web

ZebraBelly has a Linkin Park song stuck in my head. Don’t judge.
11:44 AM Aug 23rd from web

ZebraBelly is about to watch District 9!
2:14 PM Aug 23rd from mobile web

ZebraBelly dreamed of aliens and knitting socks. Apparently my brain was just re-playing Sunday for me.
8:39 AM Aug 24th from web

9:47 PM Aug 24th from mobile web

Nothing unites Facebook like a worm in a pistachio.
7:24 AM Aug 25th from web

ZebraBelly is now a proud member of the Ruben H Fleet Science Center!
11:12 AM Aug 25th from mobile web

One thing that’s not as bad as a worm in a pistachio but is still bad is when the pistachios aren’t even open. It’s like nature’s “fuck you”
10:45 PM Aug 25th from web

Oh man, it was gettin kind of lord of the flies here at the playground at Chik Fil A. Had to lay the smack down on other peoples kids.
1:20 PM Aug 26th from mobile web

Honestly – and I know this is the unpopular opinion – but I really prefer humidity. This dryness is KILLING me.
9:43 PM Aug 26th from web

ZebraBelly thinks she might stab herself in the face to relieve some of the sinus pressure.
7:56 AM Aug 27th from web

Elliott, while going pee, lets out a pitiful moan. When asked what is wrong, he replied, “My farrrrt STIIIINKS!”
3:12 PM Aug 27th from web

My husband has PMS.
8:05 PM Aug 27th from web

ZebraBelly is giving her sock-in-progress the silent treatment. It deserves it.
about 24 hours ago from web

ZebraBelly’s kids are watching old Cure videos.
about 11 hours ago from web

Margie: Why would you jump someone else’s train? I don’t really think that’s funny.
about 11 hours ago from web

Margie, about Robert Smith: But he is kind of creepy-looking, right? *disowned*
about 10 hours ago from web

Woohoo! Humidity is up to 30%! I think my sinuses have committed suicide.
about 4 hours ago from web



One response

29 08 2009

OMG, that was beautiful.
I don’t want anything to do with myself getting involved in Twitter, but I DO like this use.
Too many good ones – esp. the E monster. He’s the bomb. You and M arent’ so bad either.

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