Not Sarcasm

31 07 2009

With a little guidance from a good friend, I have been working this week to set up this year’s homeschooling system. She has this fantastic binder set up with various lists and calendars and dividers and sheet protectors and it is truly beautiful to behold. So I have been working to replicate it for myself in the moments where the kids play happily together.

M sat down at the table with me at one point this week, watched for a minute and then told me in a sympathetic tone of voice she was sorry I had to do all this.

“I don’t mind.” I told her, “I like it.”


“No, really. It’s fun.”

She gave me a suspicious look.

“I like organizing things.”

“You can stop being sarcastic, mom.”

How do you explain the wonders of office supplies to a seven-year-old?




4 responses

1 08 2009

If she hasn’t got it by now, there is simply no hope for her.

1 08 2009

give me a few weeks with her

1 08 2009

I don’t know; I got it about as soon as I was able to use the stuff. Ah, office supplies! I just got a new planner and am excitedly filling in birthdays, appointments, etc. I can admit here that I am loving it!

1 08 2009

I used to spend days playing at my moms desk.

Maybe she’s just not an office supply porn kinda girl?

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