25 07 2009

It’s been one of those days. Again.

Today while waiting for his sister in her dance class, my son was playing in a pile of rocks at the fancy-schmancy new rec center at the other end of town. He found a plastic drain cover which he turned upside-down, filled with rocks and announced it as his “stinkpouch”. I have absolutely no clue where it came from but it made me spit coffee all over and then nearly pee my pants.

Did I mention that same little boy woke up at 4-frakking-30 am? Right. So after her class, and despite the fact that my phone was nearly out of power and my camera was at home, I decided that I absolutely had to drive at least to Dulzura to get my mountain fix. He napped soundly until we had to make a quick bathroom stop at the Barrett Junction Cafe where we decided to have a quick snack of fries. It was a really fun time with the three of us and we had a blast until I was viciously attacked outside the cafe by an army one fire ant. IT HURTS! And I had to drive all the way home! Stupid ant. I cussed a lot, but that didn’t seem to help the pain at all, for some reason.

Being that I have some hypochondriac tendencies, my mind began to wander towards Death by Fire Ant. I checked my breathing – it was OK. I checked my reflexes – safe to drive. I felt dizzy, but that is to be expected with any injury b/c of The Wooziness. I very nearly asked the Border Patrol officers at the checkpoint if I should DO something. Luckily I didn’t because I think they would have laughed at me. (Yes, I am a city girl – why do you ask?)

In other news – today was Lost Day at Comic Con. The husband took the 11-year-old camcorder to record the panel which crapped out after 10 minutes. But I am only a little bitter because he did record the rest of it on the old Kodak digicam (does anyone say “digicam” anymore?) so I will still get to see it, I hope. Yesterday, though, was maybe way cooler for him since he got to meet Jorge Garcia, briefly, who told him pretty much exactly what he said in his blog yesterday afternoon. No chance for a photo, then, but he was elated anyhow.

Will come back soon with more from EU96 – I am doing some research in the form of asking friends, “Hey what was that thing that happened again?”




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31 07 2009

Clearly you weren’t using the right swear words. Please be more potty-mouthed in future; it’s scientifically proven to be for your own good:

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