And this is how my life goes…

21 07 2009

Today I noticed two FAIL-worthy license plates. The first was from Alaska and said, simply: PROZAC. I think it’s because of Sarah Palin. The second belonged to an older couple and it said “NSURE” which is either that drink old people need for some reason or the elderly equivalent of N’Sync (which might be completely awesome actually). I am not sure if I should be alarmed at having seen these both in one day or what.

And then to top off the weirdness, I found a science experiment I unknowingly decided to grow last week in the microwave. In all my life – and I grew up in a pretty damn disgusting house – I have never seen anything quite this consistency. I had half a mind to just toss it, bowl and all, but then thankfully for the Earth and anyone within 150 miles The Husband came home and garbage-disposaled* it. Which may not have been really a good idea actually, but no judging me in my own blog, OK? At first it would not come out at all, but then he left it to soak at which point it FLOATED OUT OF THE BOWL. And, when he turned it out, it jiggled rather like jello. But a kind of jello about which you feel secure in the knowledge that it could defend you from your enemies. In every possible way, it was pure evil.

Here’s hoping the insanity gives me a break tomorrow, mkay?

*New verb. Shut up.




6 responses

21 07 2009

I can’t wait until I’m 55 and can wear an N’Sure t-shirt and go to their concerts.

21 07 2009
bethany actually

I totally use the word “garbage disposaled” all the time.

Are YOU going to Comic Con? Or just A?

21 07 2009

Just The Man, Bethany. I’ve gone in the days before kids, but apparently geeks have multiplied 3 times since then and now it’s all crowded and scary.

21 07 2009

BTW, I use “geek” affectionately. 😉

21 07 2009

So, are you saying you haven’t used your microwave in a week? That’s unpossible.

23 07 2009

I’m quite upset there’s no photo of The Thing.

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