20 07 2009

Don’t read this if you don’t want to know details of the movie version of The Half Blood Prince.


Are you Sure?


My opinion is torn very nearly in half on this movie. On the one hand, it was shockingly beautiful and exactly the sort of imagery I could have hoped for, it was funny in all the right places and serious where it needed to be, and the effects – oh the effects! On the other hand, I cannot tolerate it when they change stupid shit for no reason!!! I give movies quite a lot of freedom to change things because I really do understand it’s impossible to fit 500+ pages into less than three hours. I realize they will cut things and I realize I will be unhappy about that. I take issue with it when they change things for NO reason. OK, let us speak in bulleted points.

~First and foremost: WTF WITH THE BURROW BLOWING UP? Talk about changing things?! They added a long scene which was not only completely unnecessary, but it took time away from other things that are actually relevant to the story. This also raises far more questions than it answers – where do the Weasleys live now? Does the Burrow get rebuilt? Can wizards not put out a fire? WTF, Movie People? WTF, indeed.

~LOVE Lavender Brown. I LOVE her. I want to keep her forever. She was PERFECT and more. *adore*

~Where was Fleur? The scene at the end, after Bill was attacked by Greyback was the most important scene, IMO, in regards to developing her character and they completely cut it (and her character). Is she not going to be in the next movie? If not, WTF with the wedding scene? It is, after all, kind of important, isn’t it? Do you think they will make it Tonks and Lupin’s wedding instead?

~I am really saddened by the fact that there was no funeral for Dumbledore. The audience, just as the characters, needed that chance to say goodbye to him.

~Is it really SO HARD to just leave Harry with the invisibility cloak? WTF did he almost never use it? And ESPECIALLY why did he not use it at that end scene on the tower? I really disliked that change. At first, I thought it changed Harry’s character a bit – after all, the Harry we know would never purposefully sit by and NOT fight Death Eaters, you know? But as I type this, I feel like changing it has actually helped mature his character. There is naturally less of his thought process shown on film, and this scene, I think, helped bring some of his growth to our eyes. For him to make that promise to Dumbledore, and then to keep it so strongly, he did not step in to the Death Eaters – and then to TRUST Dumbledore so much that he did not react when Snape walked in – I think it actually works in a weird way.

~The scene where Katie Bell gets cursed – FAN-fucking-TASTIC! It was creepy and frightening and beautiful in a sick way all at once. Perfect. Exactly as perfect as Lavender Brown. Except, you know, evil.

~The scene in the cave – perfectly acceptable, but a bit less creepy and scary than I expected (except for that bit where I jumped and screamed when the first hand grabs Harry). I do wish he’d been prepared like he was in the book.

~I wasn’t thrilled with how Harry and Ginny came together, and not at all thrilled with the way they put the book in the Room of Requirement together (like Harry was so weak he could not handle the book? Pft) but it was all worth it for Ron to ask, “So, did you and Ginny do it?” <–Best line ever!

~Speaking of the RoR – WHY could they not have put the diadem in there? Really? Would that have been so hard? Or have they not bothered reading the last book? PFT.

~WTF with Harry and that Muggle girl? Laaaame.

~LOVED Jim Broadbent. The minute I heard he was cast, I knew he was the perfect slughorn, and he didn't disappoint!

~Not sure what was up with Narcissa's hair, but the actress overall, I liked. I think she did well.

~Have I ever mentioned how much I just really love Alan Rickman?

Those are the biggest things I can think of off the top of my head. If I think of more, I will come back to edit this entry. I am planning to see it in IMAX with the Husband when it's released in a week or so, so I will have another chance to think about it.

Overall, I think I liked it. The beauty of it outweighed (most of) the negative bits. But not the part about the Burrow. There was no excuse for that. What did you think?




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20 07 2009

Rob’s boss, who has never read the books, came out of this movie thinking Snape was the HBP. Could have really been that confusing? Apparently so!

20 07 2009

What? Snape is HBP. I’m confused.

20 07 2009


20 07 2009

Didn’t love it. I thought it was all disjointed and choppy. It didn’t flow. I didn’t think they got enough of Dumbledore’s humor in there. He seemed kind of like a grumpy old man.

And then there are lots of little things like you mentioned. I would need to see it again because it is a pretty movie and I was trying to just be there and not be upset with changes and take it as it came. But hells yes when that hand grabs Harry. I totally jumped out of my seat and yelled a little.

20 07 2009

I rarely like books made into movies and Harry Potter has been an exception. I think part of it how long it’s been since I actually read the book. I do have short term memory loss, lol. I have not seen the movie yet, but I do plan to. But of all the things I remember of the book, the funeral stands out. Can’t believe they left that out. Or the HBP’s identity. Anyway, figured there couldn’t be *too* many spoilers here, I did read the book.

20 07 2009

I only remember so much b/c I read the book last week. LOL

And they did give the identity of the HBP, but they didn’t explain WHY he’s the HBP which I think, kinda makes for a “WTF?” sort of feeling. LOL

20 07 2009
bethany actually

See, this is why I have not read the books yet. A friend told me years ago to wait to read the Harry Potter books if I wanted to enjoy the movies, so I stopped after the second book.

As for the Weasleys’ house, I read somewhere that the filmmakers thought having Harry actually be present for an attack would be better than just having him hear about it secondhand. And to me, not having read the book, it was a very striking and moving scene. So maybe they were right. πŸ˜‰

I did know that Snape was the HBP from having read a summary of the book somewhere, and I thought it was odd that they didn’t go into more detail on that.

Alan Rickman RULES. I mean, he’s always rocked as Snape and pretty much every other thing he’s ever done, but I thought there were extra layers to his performance in this movie that were so fan-effing-tastic.

Thanks! I love spoilery movie discussions like this one. πŸ™‚ Also, I love your post title, it actually made me laugh.

20 07 2009

But the Weasley’s house was never attacked in the books. I don’t get it. I can see the reasoning there – and like I said, I am OK with certain changes – but to create an entirely new storyline that never existed doesn’t sit well with me.

I didn’t so much mind the changes to Hitchhiker’s Guide b/c Adams himself wrote it (and had said that each time he rewrites the story it changes LOL) but it’s not like Rowling wrote this, yk? If she had, I’d be a lot more OK with it. I do think she has to OK everything, but I am not sure and I cannot fathom why she’d be OK with this. LOL

21 07 2009

Sorry, Sara, just saw your comment. I have never liked Dumbledore in the movies. The actor can’t capture him right. There is a lack of humor and also depth. He’s just blah.

22 07 2009

Yar! I meant he thought Voldemort was the HBP. I must have been very sleepy when I commented the first time. Der.

22 07 2009

Ah, yes, that makes more sense now. Also I like it that you exclaim in Pirate-tongue.

10 08 2009

ITA about the burrow. Through that entire part I was thinking WTF?!? And the diadem. *sigh* Seriously, how hard would it have been to show a quick shot of the diadem?

The ending was disappointing too without the funeral. 😦 Actually the whole Dumbledore plot felt bungled to me… like the whole point of his and Harry’s meetings was a tiny sub-plot until suddenly it’s the end and Dumbledore is dead. I can’t imagine any of that would have made sense to me if I hadn’t read the books.

I agree with the parts you liked though. πŸ™‚ Overall, I enjoyed it and can’t wait for the next one.

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