7 Days: Day 6 (Ice Cream Dream)

16 07 2009

7 Days: Day 6 (Ice Cream Dream)

I have a friend who eats an entirely raw vegan diet. A few years ago, she and her husband started an ice cream company called Tomberlies (because they are Tom and Kimberlie) and you can now buy the ice cream in San Diego area health food stores (People’s Co-Op, Whole Foods, Jimbos and some others). Sometimes we are lucky and Kimberlie will invite us over to swim and eat ice cream, and sometimes she will bring it to parties to share. Today our homeschool field trip group got to visit the Tomberlie’s kitchen! We got to watch them make the ice cream and then we all got to mix in our favorite flavors and take a container (or several) home! It was FANTASTIC. And I am going to eat ice cream all night long.

This is a special treat for me because I cannot tolerate dairy and I try to avoid soy – Tomberlies is a cashew/coconut based ice cream. Delicious and good FOR you.

The shots that didn’t make it:
My son and I being silly.
Fun with dry ice.




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16 07 2009

I’m sitting here eating ours, more of it. Yum!

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