7 Days: Day 5 (Hands)

15 07 2009

7 Days: Day 5 (Hands)

(Is it really Day 5 already? *sniff*)

I love my hands. Not only because I literally do not know what I would do without them, but also because I think they are attractive. They are large, but, I think, feminine. I have long piano fingers (I do not play the piano). They are quirky and my tallest fingers are crooked at the top knuckle. The backs of my hands are sprinkled in freckles. I like to adorn my hands with jewelry (you may have noticed this), it makes me feel beautiful, even on my crappiest days. I have a few scars on my hands and fingers from various run-ins with knives or surgeons or other sharp things.

They work hard for me, these hands of mine. And I like them very well.




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16 07 2009

Me too.

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