It’s Good Because I’m a Chameleon

26 06 2009

"body tone" colors! great idea...

Last night I spent a rare night with my BFF and we took the time to wander around the mall not buying pricey underwear. (Also – I found the babylegs. Turns out my usual Target is simply too ghetto for such fancy things.) Naturally, we ended up in the unmentionables department looking for knockoff-pricey underwear instead when we spied this package of chonis which comes in a variety pack of “body tone” colors. Which is a great idea, you know, for Crayolas. But less so if you want the underwear to all match your skin.

I think this is a really great way to make friends, though. You can grab a pack and then wander through the mall looking carefully at the skin colors of women until you find the perfect one – at which point you will whip out your pack of underwear and tell the startled person, “Look! You match! Let’s be friends!” How can they say no? You will bring diversity into your life. I promise.

I’m not sure how to handle the dark pink pair, though. Maybe that is for when you get sunburned while at the nudist colony. Yes, that must be it.




3 responses

27 06 2009

bonnie, you have the best ideas…srsly.

27 06 2009


28 06 2009

There’s no pale yellow, which is what I require during the summer.

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