April Fools in June

20 06 2009

google maps FAIL

I attended a baby shower today in centralish San Diego. Due to some last minute family plans (apparently The Husband’s grandmother’s birthday was a complete surprise), I had to arrive late and was even later due to Target’s apparent discontinuation of BabyLegs. While I was trying to explain the concept of BabyLegs to the employees (and to assure them that they did, indeed, carry them in the past) I got a text warning me that Buchanan Street didn’t exist and not to get lost. (I replied with, “BUT THERE ARE NO BABY LEGS!”)

Duly warned, I saw that, sure enough, my phone directed me to take Buchanan street, but I laughed and shouted, “Haha! You can’t fool ME!” at it and switched to map view for a path that circumvented the not-street. But that was as far as I had gotten on that line of questioning. At the party, I was informed that the “street” was actually a canyon and when I got home I looked it up in stalker satellite view and sure enough it’s a fucking canyon. What on EARTH? How can this be a computer glitch? It had to be entered into a computer at some point, right? Was it a joke? Or was it once a street that collapsed in a horrible disaster which the government covered up? Please help me wrap my mind around this. I’ve seen internet maps screw up before, but not to this degree.




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