Dreaming of Home

16 06 2009

I want a home with space enough for my children to run and play outside. To ride bikes, to throw balls, to color with sidewalk chalk. I want space for a sprinkler or Slip n Slide during the summers. And to do all this within the safety of their own yard, in their pajamas if they like (but maybe swimsuits for the Slip n Slide).

I want fruit trees – avocado, pomegranate, and lemon. I want rosemary and lavender bushes on either side of the front door. I want a little garden and a compost bin full of worms.

I want a little fire ring we can dance around on the Summer Solstice, hand in hand with friends. I want a tree draped in colorful ribbons and bells and windchimes. I want a moon garden with a spot for a scrying bowl. I want to create a magical space.

I want a washer and dryer that is not coin-operated, one that I don’t have to leave the property to get to, one that I can just toss in a load whenever we are at home. I want a clothesline.

I want to use gray water to feed our garden and trees. I want to explore native plants. I might want a small cactus garden in honor of my grandmother.

I want a space for my kids to craft and learn. I want shelves for all of their toys and books. I want orginization.

I want all my boxes of holiday decorations OUT of my closet.

I want to paint the living room a warm red color. I want wood floors. And a Roomba. And I will probably want to cheer it on.

I want a bathroom with a window. And perhaps another bathroom as well, or at least half of one.

I want levels. Two steps down into the living room makes me feel happier than you can imagine. Cozy, like a bird in a nest.

I want counter space. I want storage space. I want cabinets that do not shave off 1/4 tsp of rotten wood each time I slide a drawer open. (Am I asking too much here?) If I am dreaming big, then I will add that I want an extra fridge in the garage.

I want a garage. And, frankly, I don’t even care if I can park the cars in there. If it keeps our stuff organized I will happy park in the driveway. I want a driveway. I want garage shelves stocked full of barrels of coconut oil and whatever flour it is that I am into at the moment. I want a place for our big freezer that’s not crowding our dining table.

I want a home that makes me feel comforted and peaceful. One that I can open up to gaggles of children without feeling claustrophobic. I want all these things, but not much more. I want a home.




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16 06 2009


16 06 2009

A home of your own is a great thing to have. I hope you can get one soon. Your yard sounds like it will be such a magical place! Having your own washer and dryer is the most awesome thing EVER. And we don’t have a garage (though we may well add one someday soon) but I would love to have one just for Storing Many Things.

16 06 2009

I know it will happen for you guys. Soon, I hope!

16 06 2009

Can feel it.

17 06 2009

I sense a kindred spirit as EVERYTHING you mentioned, I thought, yes, exactly… me TOO! Good luck in getting yours… it will be a long time before I get mine. But I’ll keep dreaming… for both of us!

17 06 2009

hey there…since you are officially in the market, there is a house around the corner from us…because you have described such an awesome place I want you to be my neighbor so my kids can slide on your slip and slide and dance in your moon garden with your kids…everyone in their PJs

good luck and perservere… you will find it

17 06 2009

Someday. ((hug))

Your list made me feel a bit guilty that I take my house for granted… must go get ribbons for the tree… 🙂

17 06 2009

Keep searching. I hope you do find this home soon. And when you do? Can we come live with you and be part of your gaggles of children? Or at least visit? I want this too as even though we own our little condo (well, technically the bank and the city do ;), I want a yard. And a garden. And counter space. And a closet for my vacuum/linens/broom. And a place for my kids to be free. Ahhhhhhhh.

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