If yesterday was magical, today was just bizarre.

14 06 2009

Firstly, I was alerted to this.  (Twitter has enlightened me to many things, but this one just takes the cake.)  And I have not been quite the same since.  I will remain happily archaic, thankyouverymuch.

Then, we headed out to meet with a realtor named Bob who was recommended to us by a friend (thank you!). We had spoken to him over the phone but had not met him in person before today. Upon handshakes, he handed us each a business card. I think it is a natural reflex to glance at a business card when it is handed to you, despite not actually needing any of the information on it at that particular moment. What I noticed, upon my glance, was that the business card said, “Josh” instead of “Bob.” I was confused. Did Bob send in a partner? WHO WAS THIS MAN? The kicker was that once we were free to discuss this strangeness, as it turns out, he handed the husband a business card claiming he was “Pete.” I don’t know how to process this. Is it a joke or a sociology experiment? Was he testing us? Does he deviously grab handfuls of others’ cards from the bowl at Chili’s when no one is looking only to hand them out to unsuspecting clients?

This afternoon, I met some friends at the local Nature Center for some rare kid-free time there and the chance to support them before they (might) have to close. One in our group ended up running late so we hopped on a shuttle up to the center only to get a new message saying she was nearly there. Naturally, we decided to just sit and wait for her. I am pretty familiar with the place and the routine of being there so I felt comfortable enough to just sit and enjoy the day before heading inside to pay. There was a women there, employed by the Center, who was not at all comfortable with this plan of action. Her job, clearly, was to help direct visitors in to the building where they can pay admission – and when we failed to do as her job description said we would, she reverted to more, um, primal, ways of communicating with us. Mainly staring us down and yelling at us. I SWEAR I AM NOT MAKING THIS UP – but she literally stood about four feet from us and stared at us. Stared. And when we got too close to an exhibit (about 8 feet away), she kind of lost her shit and flipped the Hell out about it. I mentioned this inside as I was paying and the woman running the counter behind admissions burst into giggles, an indication that maybe this is not the first time such a thing has happened. It was strange and annoying, but not so much we were unable to see the amusement in the situation.

So, yes. I have had a bizarre day (and I didn’t even get to the part about how one of the houses we saw today had outdoor toilets! plural!). How about you?




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14 06 2009

Outdoor toilets, huh? You could stock them with those handy wiper things… 😉

14 06 2009

The Bob, Pete, Josh thing is freaking me out. Please update. Pronto.
Other stuff I can deal with. Buying a house from someone with an identity crisis is not so dealable.

14 06 2009

I was more picturing your reaction to the Nature Center lady, Claire. LOL

I can do a Camp fire thing and call him BoPeDo? Anyway, I am ASSUMING he just had some colleagues cards in with his by accident. But overall, I feel like he’s a pretty balanced guy and I like what I have heard him say both to me directly and through Elaine without knowing me. I think he’s OK.

14 06 2009
bethany actually

I can’t even watch that video, I’m afraid it would traumatize me.

I’m good, thanks! I just finished another baby blanket, and I’ve been watching all the episodes of “Chuck” again with Troy this time, and he’s digging the show so that’s cool.

14 06 2009

Ah, yes, bonding with the dh over TV is good times.

Sonja – that’s not a bad idea, actually. And now that I think about it this same house had a bee hive inside one of the rooms. Which is backwards if you ask me. Bees = outdoors, toilets = indoors. But maybe I am just crazy.

14 06 2009


15 06 2009

OK, that card thing was weird. That’s not like him AT ALL. And um, you should totally call him out on it. He’ll laugh his ass off. But seriously, that’s weird and I have half a mind to call him up and tease him until he begs for mercy.

As for the toilet thing: Um, NO.

As for the crazy lady thing: Um, CRAZY.

That is all.

15 06 2009

Dude, do it! Call him! lol

15 06 2009

You don’t wanna get the comfort wipe and the get-a-grip mixed up. That could be uncomfortable.

15 06 2009

Well, Jill, no. Just holes where toilets had once been. Outside. Another house had a toilet-hole in a closet. People are fucked up, yo.

17 06 2009

Dude! I took a picture of creepy stalker lady! She was so stupid! And everyone I’ve told the story to is like, “Um… what the hell?”

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