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11 06 2009

Alex asks, “Is Margie singing ‘Like a Prayer’?” Yes, honey. Yes, she is.
6:09 PM May 5th from web

Thank you goats and buffalo and sheep for the dairy I can eat. Cows: screw you.
6:20 PM May 6th from web

Margie’s song in the bathtub: Ducky goonnnnnnnna die!
4:49 PM May 7th from mobile web

Elliott’s tub song: If the bridge is falling dowwwwnnn! WTF w/ the negativity in the bath?
4:52 PM May 7th from mobile web

Me: Joking about the swine flu. Margie: “I don’t think that’s very educational.”
8:28 AM May 8th from web

Me: What do you want for a snack? Elliott: I fink cheese and chips might work.
9:51 AM May 8th from web

Elliott wearing my hat and sunglasses: Am I cuti-ful?
3:46 PM May 12th from mobile web

Elliott being silly with the birthday song the other day: “Happy birthday to FUCK!” Took me a minute to realize he meant “fork”. Whew!
12:06 PM May 17th from web

just saw thunderheads beyond the mountains. First of the season. *happy sigh*
1:29 PM May 19th from mobile web

I ❤ homeschooling: M heard the phrase "Civil War" and announced, "Civil War? That's when President Lincoln died!"
10:39 AM May 21st from web

When I get old, I am going to live in a strawberry field and spend all day long sitting there eating sun-warmed strawberries.
6:20 PM May 21st from web

just passed on my last sling to a new mama. Unsure where to put my children now.
3:54 PM May 24th from mobile web

Just got laid by james. Heh. Still funny after all these years.
10:16 AM May 26th from mobile web




2 responses

11 06 2009
bethany actually

I don’t get that last one. Also, I clearly am not haunting twitter enough because I missed most of these the first time!

11 06 2009

When I was in high school, there was a band called James which has a song called “Laid”. Which lead to endless giggles on our part.

Here is the video:
(Which, oddly enough, I have actually never seen before. Huh.)

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