Do you miss me as much as I miss you?

10 06 2009

Blogging has not come easily to me. But I suppose that is life – ups and downs in every aspect. While my blogging levels are down, I will leave you with a list of my most giggle-inducing webthings these days. Enjoy!

Literal Videos (in which they change the lyrics to songs to reflect the random shit that goes down in your average music video):
Total Eclipse of the Heart – Bonnie Tyler
Head Over Heels – Tears for Fears

Zack Morris (of Saved by the Bell… I really should not have to tell you that) visited Jimmy Fallon this week.

At home SwineFlu test. Ask yourself, “Do I have swine flu?”

Important advice about what not to buy.

This oldie is not so much giggle-inducing as it is just ultra awesome in every way. Especially the bit about the whale.




One response

11 06 2009

I had noticed that your blogs are inversely proportional to your tweets. And, while I am enjoying your one-liners, I do indeed miss your deeper ramblings.

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