Vintage Nick

2 06 2009

Found this in an old National Geographic magazine last week. I remember most of these shows, but it sure is funny to see it written down like this. It’s like time travelling back to my childhood except that I’m using the internet and I’m much taller. But you know what I mean.

found this in a national geographic magazine from 1985

Click here to view in large.

Did you watch any of these? Which were your favorites?



4 responses

2 06 2009
Viciously Sweet

I forgot about Mr. Wizard’s World. Nice post 🙂

2 06 2009

I watched Love Boat every day when I got home from school for a while. Good times!

2 06 2009

My fave wasn’t on there~ Get Smart.

3 06 2009
bethany actually

I loved loved LOVED You Can’t Do That On Television…I supposed that was a foreshadowing of my love for Kids in the Hall? I also loved Mr. Wizard’s World and Nick at Nite. I also can still sing the “Pinwheel” theme song by heart and remember some of the little jingles. “Nick-Nick-Nick, N-N-N-Nick, Nick-el-o-de-ONNNNN!”

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