Grand Opening!

27 05 2009

I’ve been considering the idea for some time now, and finally, this weekend, have opened my very own Etsy shop! I’ve got some 8×10 prints up now and plan to put some more of other sizes up soon, as well as some other items such as notecards (hopefully later today or tomorrow) and perhaps some magnets someday.

Right now I’m offering free shipping and introductory pricing until the Summer Solstice.

My pink daisy photo has even already been featured on another Etsy blog (before actually making any, you know, sales) which I think is pretty dern cool.

So check it out, pass it on, and I’ll keep you updated!




4 responses

27 05 2009
bethany actually

Ooh, notecards! I’ll be in the market for those, for sure.

27 05 2009

Awesome mama! It’s funny, I was just thinking yesterday about you and that you should totally try to make some money with your picture-taking ability. I’m off to check out your shop now. . .

29 05 2009

Great choices! But I have definitely seen lots more that should be up there!

9 06 2009

Congratulations on … I was going to say “your opening”, but maybe “your shop” would sound nicer.

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