Jinxing Myself Here

7 05 2009

But it’s OK because, frankly, I always feel a little uncomfortable when things seem to be going well. It leaves me waiting for the other shoe to drop.

When my son was very small, he took a solemn oath to Never Try a New Food Ever and he has taken it very seriously ever since. I always believed that he would grow out of it once he left toddlerhood, but for my son toddlerhood has lasted an unusually long time. He has been so committed to his oath that he won’t even try delicious things like ice cream or cake. If ever I try to give him a bite of something, he throws his hand over his mouth not unlike Scarlett O’Hara and cries, “Nooo! Not in my MOUF!”

And so the other day I was having a really healthy microwave burrito for lunch and he asked me for some – which was a mild surprise in and of itself. But when he actually TRIED it happily and asked for more, I just about fell out of my chair. I promised I’d make him something like it for dinner so he left me to enjoy my own lunch in peace.

As the flautas (but with ground turkey) were cooking that night he asked me about every 7 seconds if it was time to eat yet, but the really shocking part was that he ATE THE WHOLE THING. HAPPILY. Like it was totally normal for him to just eat whatever I put in front of him. As though ground turkey was on his short list of Acceptable Things For His Mouf.

(The Daughter also enjoyed it. So much so that she talked about it the rest of the evening and even cleaned up the living room as a thanks for it.)

The kids begged for it again the next day and I thought that surely my luck had run out and that they would snub the reheated flautas. But NO. They ate it AGAIN.

And then to top it off, The Son ATE CARROTS last night. About 4 baby carrots got swallowed and another 6 were chewed into a pulp and spat back out (but I figure he still gets some nutrients that way, right? Just say yes). Of course about 4 of those chewed-up carrots were shoved in his mouf at one time true to his wannabe chipmonk style, but I suppose I shouldn’t complain as long as he lives through it.

And now I will calmly wait for The Universe to get back at me for noticing and commenting.




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7 05 2009
bethany actually

Hey, baby steps! 🙂

7 05 2009

Okay, so what you’ve accomplished with E took my son 2 years in therapy. Makes me wonder if I had just saved time and money, he would eventually have eaten it anyway!

Way to go E!!!

7 05 2009

Oh, I haven’t “accomplished” anything – it just happened. I’ve often wondered if I should be doing for E what you do for Jayce, but I think Jayce was really a lot more serious than E.

And, Jenny, he’s been dairy-free from time to time. Never noticed much difference. But he does have something going on b/c he’s got this rash on his chin… *sigh*

7 05 2009

Awesome! Here’s to (hopefully) many more new foods in his future.

And Jonas is the same way, but I think a bit less drastic than E. It has greatly improved since cutting out dairy, which I’ve heard happens to some; interesting IMO.

7 05 2009

This post made me giggle. 🙂 I hope it keeps up for you!

7 05 2009

Oh, I didn’t mean to imply that was E’s issue, although it *could* be an allergy of some sort. Jonas still doesn’t eat many veggies, but I kep hoping eventually we’ll get there!

8 05 2009

I don’t believe it.

And by not believing it until you provide proof, I am daring the universe to prove me wrong.

You’re welcome.

8 05 2009


(you told me to.)

11 05 2009

Yay, I hope this is the beginning of more adventurous eating.
Good luck.

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