Cinco de Mayo

3 05 2009

In my next life I’m going to be born Mexican. I have decided so.

luchador masks

mexican wig


i love my town.  LOVE.

More photos here.




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3 05 2009

I’ll join you! In college, I wanted to join the ballet folklorico group but chickened out because I thought they wouldn’t want me (just being a gringa and all).

And? I love the first photo~ Henry used to talk about those masks all the time, so the first time we went to Mexico, I helped him track one down. He said he was going to wear it while surfing, but he never did.

4 05 2009


4 05 2009

Those should be in a magazine. Love the colors and the composition!

For Cinco de Mayo, we’re just going out to eat Mexican and drink Margaritas 😦 How boring!

4 05 2009

Beautiful! I have to say again, I LOVE your eye.

8 05 2009

I absolutely love the first and last photos. And also Cinco de Mayo in your neighborhood looks wicked fun.

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