So Many, Many Ways to FAIL

19 04 2009

so many, many ways to fail

And this ad seems to want to fail them all.  Before I get into the details, here, I would like to say I found this in a science magazine The Husband brought home.  Science.  So you’d think it’s a somewhat reliable source of information.  Apparently, this does not extend to the advertisements it takes.

First, the obvious:  The ad was printed upside-down.  I cannot figure out whether this was some blatantly stupid mistake or a marketing ploy far beyond my own intelligence.

Second:  The fact that the website you are directed to for more info sounds pretty damn racist if you ask me. 

Third:  The famous immortality rings?  Famous?  Really?  If they are so famous, how come people keep dying?  Huh?  I have heard of only one famous ring which supposedly brings immortality, but it was pretty clear about being just the one ring.

In summation, I would just like to say: WTF?




One response

19 04 2009

You must get them. They are only $45! What a steal for immortality.

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