Bloggers in the Bathroom

18 04 2009

Today the BFF and I met at the mall to paint some pottery. Before we got down to it, we wandered the mall looking for an ATM to provide The BFF’s BF (hee!) with gas money and on the way past the painting place, I peeked in to see if Bethany would be there. Because it is only a matter of time before I run into her there. She was not. So I presumed today would not be the day.

BUT (you didn’t see that coming did you?), when I took a side trip into the restroom I recognized a certain little girl from the internets. Naturally, I looked for her other half and found myself pointing at her probably quite rudely with my mouth hanging out as my brain tried to work out the facts (the boy child was awake with a fever all night long so it took me longer than usual. maybe). Connecting the dots, I found Bethany and Annalie right behind her.

I always expected to meet up with her there someday, but not quite in that particular point in the mall.

The BFF and I decided to grab some food before painting so we did not end up enjoying the afternoon with (or near?) The Bloggers, but it was a pretty funny experience in any case.

It’s so strange what the internet has done to my life. From finding amazing advice online, to forming the deepest of friendships, to recognizing bloggers in public restrooms. Ah, how did humanity survive before the internet?

Brenda, it was very nice to meet you today, however briefly. And, Bethany, it occurs to me that I happen to have a bunch of jars of coconut oil I got for $1.70 each and I would have happily brought you one if I had only known I’d see you today.

This entry may or may not be funny. It’s hard to tell through the lack of sleep and the sore throat which is setting in.



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18 04 2009

It was nice to meet you too! Next time we’ll have to paint together! You guys live in the BEST neighborhood. I’m plotting to move there.

18 04 2009
bethany actually

Ha! I think this was a hilarious post! I was sorry we missed seeing you again…you know, NOT as you were about to pee…but the kiddos were done painting and you know how that is.

I told Brenda and Heather (for Brenda’s SIL Comfortably Crazy was with us too! also, her mom Sue! they weren’t with us in the bathroom though) that if we met up with you again, we HAD to take a photo. I was going upload that photo to Flickr and call it “when bloggers collide.” But I like your post title better!

By the way, Heather just told me that when we walked past the pottery studio on our way out of the mall, they waved at you. I totally missed you! I wasn’t dissing you, I was just following three children. 🙂

19 04 2009

Oh, man, I KNEW I should have recognized the people you were with – I suck!

And I didn’t even see you dis me, Bethany, LOL, so you’re ok. 😉

19 04 2009
bethany actually » Blog Archive » lazy blogging, now with more links

[…] You can read about the funny coincidence where we ran into Bonnie in the public bathroom at the mall here: Bloggers in the Bathroom […]

19 04 2009

I love how you recognized Bug 🙂

26 04 2009

This is brilliant – and the humble setting of the bathroom even more so.

21 12 2011
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[…] known Brenda online for awhile now. And then there was that day when I met her in person for the first time in a public bathroom. What? That’s normal. And we’ve since graduated […]

21 12 2011

I don’t know why I’d never read this post before, but it was in fact hilarious. Bloggers in the bathroom… you cannot hide from the internet in there! Hahaha.

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