7 Days: Day 7 – Day o’ the Drive-Thru

3 04 2009

7 Days: Day 7

Day of the drive-thru.

My daughter had an acupuncture appointment today and even though she was frickin’ amazing at taking needles last Spring, she has suddenly become shy of them. And so I bribed her with the promise of beans for dinner. I tried a lollipop, but she wanted actual nutrition. Go figure.

The husband is out tonight and so we treated ourselves to some Roberto’s for dinner. Beans for the girl, carne asada for me and just tortillas (supplemented by food from our own kitchen) for the boy.

One more drive-thru before home – Starbucks! I took this picture right after ordering my iced coffee without ice. I know, make total sense, no? It’s sitting in the fridge waiting for the kids to go to bed when I will enjoy it and some quiet time to myself tonight. After I add ice.

See you in June! (Dinos, any of you SoCalers?)

PS. I just realized it’s April. Heh. I’ve been labeling all my photos as March still.

PPS. My car is filthy. Because we are in a drought and I am NOBLE enough to SACRIFICE shininess for all my fellow San Diegans. See? It’s not cause I am lazy. Not at all.




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3 04 2009

Beans are YUMMY! M can come over and have beans with me anytime! I grow my own cilantro too which is always good for beans. Avocado always gets soda/iced drinks without ice. You all can hang out together. Heh. Our cars are FINALLY getting clean here; it has been raining (boooooo) but in the NE we get all this SALT stuck to our cars in the wintertime and it’s ug. Leee! Probably similar to what is sticking to your car in the drought.

3 04 2009

I took Rowan for acu today too! I tried the lollipop with him but he passed it off to his sister. Let me know if you have any tips for bribing a 2 year old! 🙂 Maybe I’ll offer him beans next time and see if that works!

3 04 2009
She Who Makes Kids Get Bribes.

Iced coffee without the ice? Do tell. What’s the point? Do they make it iced-style (which I think is different if you’re doing candy-coffee) but don’t add the ice so it doesn’t get all watered down? Or is it just regular hot coffee that you call iced coffee because you have no intention to drink it until later (when the kids are in bed) by which time it’s cold anyway, so you may as well CALL it iced? Or is it simply cool, not really being cold and icy? I love iced coffee (ok, candy-coffee) but hate the ice messing up my perfectly good drink. ANd for some reason, when there’s ice in it, it disappears so much faster. So sometimes I get a hot candy-coffee because it lasts longer and just sip it slowly and within an hour, it’s sorta like iced coffee without the ice.

4 04 2009

In this case it was a frou-frou coffee, so, yes, it’s made differently. They don’t steam the milk – just pour it straight in the drink. The espresso is still hot, but it’s a small part of the drink. Over all, I would call it “room temperature”. I do sometimes buy straight iced coffee from them which they keep in the fridge – otherwise, of course adding ice to hot coffee would only water it down.

I get them w/o ice so I can keep them in my fridge for a few hours without the ice watering them down. Then I add the ice, b/c I like the sensation of clikny ice cubes in my drinks.

If I were you, I’d just ask for light ice – of course they will just fill it up with milk, not extra candy or coffee, but at least there is more DRINK to enjoy. But, if you are going to drink it right away, it wouldn’t be very cold yet and that’s kind of weird.

4 04 2009

I love that you had to bribe M with beans rather than sugar.

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